What are lowlights for gray hair?


Lowlights for gray hair can be used to cover or to accentuate the gray hair. Many women choose this process rather than dyeing the entire head for a more natural look. Some women will also choose to have a combination of highlights and lowlights.
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1. Choose a color of hair dye that's no more than two shades darker than your natural color. Try to use your skin tone as a gauge also when choosing a color, as too dark a color may
Unfortunately you cannot stop gray hair. It's all a part of genetics and the aging process. If you pluck it, it will still grow back gray. The temporary fix that many people resort
1. Visit a drugstore or beauty supply store to choose your colors. Some hair dye manufacturers already have products made especially for "at home" lowlights. Pick this if
Just like our skin, our hair is colored by a pigment called melanin. As we get older, the cells in hair follicles stop producing melanin. From that point forward, every time a hair
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Lowlight Ideas for Gray Hair
Gray hair doesn’t have to be bland or boring, you can try and add dimension to your gray hair by utilizing the look of lowlights. Unlike highlights, lowlights are actually darker than your hair’s overall color and hue, and can be effective in... More »
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Lowlights are a very subtle colour that is placed on individual strands of hair using a paintbrush or a foil technique to keep the hair separated. The goal of ...
To blend gray hair, first, create your plan of attack and handle your first wisps of gray with a few highlights. Then, make use of lowlights for hair that are ...
To put lowlights in blonde hair a darker color will need to be used. After sectioning off the hair, apply the color from the root to the ends. The color can be ...
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