LPN PRE Entrance Exam?


The LPN pre-entrance exam is required by most LPN schools prior to admittance. The exam is usually divided into four sections, including vocabulary, math, natural sciences, and reading comprehension. The exam usually lasts about 90 minutes to two hours. The exam may differ from school to school, but the aim to evaluate the student's ability is the same. You will want to check with the school to see if you can bring a calculator to help you with the test.
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The LPN entrance exam is called the National Council Licensure Examination
I am wanting to start LPN school in August and I am set up to take the entrance exam next month. They said that there would be math, grammar and reading on it. I would like to know
hello. i am going to be officially a nursing student in september, but as of now i am in another school preparing for the pre-entrance exam. i have the book "review guide for
I can't find any that are considered "great" but these are the two top-rated one by actual people preparing for the exam rather than instructors: Review Guide for LPN/LVN
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