Ls Land Magazine?


LS Land Magazine was a collection of magazines that were produced by LS Studio. This company was based in Ukraine and did all of their business online. They created and sold pictures of young girls and young teens. Memberships to the magazines were purchased online using a credit card. They photos were taken by professional photographers with professional equipment. The site, now closed, was open for three years. During that time, they used about 1500 children in their pornography between the ages of 8 and 16.
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LS magazine was part of the Ukraine Angels Studio. The studio was a major distributor of child pornography and the business was finally dismantled by a police ...
LS Dreams was a collection of magazines produced by LS Studio. The Company was a Ukraine based online service that created and sold photographs of young teens ...
Ls magazine seems to be a website that advertises about nudists, but is really a website that shows child pornography. Ukrainian Angels Studio is an agency that ...
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