Where is the Lucas County Jail?


The phone number for Lucas County Jail in Ohio is 419-213-4960. Lucas County Jail is located on Spielbusch Avenue in Toledo. It is a full-service detention center for adults that has been operating since 1977.
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To marry an inmate in a county jail you will need permission from the warden and a marriage license with blood tests. You will not be able to leave the premises and will most likely
Lucas County City Jail, 1622 Spielbusch Ave, Toledo, OH
In order to obtain a marriage license in Lucas County, visit the Lucas County Probate Marriage License Office in Toledo. As of 2011, it is on the first floor of the Lucas County Court
He was incarcerated for about 15 years then another 7 after he was released.
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U Street Corridor
2007 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009
(202) 797-7171
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