Lucas Transmission Fix?


Lucas Transmission Fix is a product that stops slip, rough shifting, and hesitation in a worn transmission. It also eliminates most seal leaks. Lucas Transmission Fix can be used in any transmission as maintenance. It contains no solvents and it lowers the operating temperatures. It can be added easily without draining any fluid. Lucas says that it is effecting in a high percentage of uses. Some mechanics say that Lucas Transmission Fix can do damage to a transmission and should never be added.
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1. Open the Accord's hood. 2. Open the transmission fluid's cap to reveal the transmission fluid line. It is red and says "Transmission Fluid" on it. 3. Pull the dipstick
Why would you? That stuff doesn't work most of the time. It's considered to be a "mechanic in a bottle" and rarely actually fixes anything. You would be better off overhauling
I have seen a few of those Preludes that seem to develop transmission issues. It could be the forward clutch pack or something else. Take it to a good transmission shop and have it
Look at this web site below. you will see a box to search your area to purchase this wonderful lubricant
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