Lump on Gum Line?


A lump on your gum like can be the result of different conditions depending on what color it is, the size of it, and if you are experiencing pain or any other symptoms associated with the bump. One of the main causes of a white lump on the gum line is dental appliances such as brace or a retainer. If the bump you have does not go away in a week, you should have a doctor check it out to rule out anything serious.
Q&A Related to "Lump on Gum Line?"
1. Apply the whitening toothpaste to the toothbrush. Brush vigorously but gently along the gum line. 2. Rinse the toothpaste out of your mouth with water. 3. Continue brushing with
The roots of your teeth.
Vitamins and diet alone cannot keep your gum line from receding if there are other significant issues that you need to address (the recession may be completely unrelated to bacteria
It actually might be that you haven't been brushing properly back there - and it may be indication of gum disease. Don't let the gum disease thing freak you out, i've had it like
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