Lump on Knee?


A lump on the knee can result from several different things. The most common cause for a knee lump is an injury that has occurred to it. This can happen because of a fall or a blow to the knee. Other causes can include a cyst, bone infection, tumor, boil, or an abscess. If the lump is at the back of the knee, it is likely a Bakers cyst, which is harmless. If the lump does not go away on its own in a few days, you may want to visit the doctor to determine the real cause for it.
Q&A Related to "Lump on Knee?"
Its Osgood Salughter < that's a horrible answer (now for the correct answer) 1st of all it's Osgood Schlatter's disease and that's when the tibial growth plate is ruptured or basically
There are several different kinds of cysts, some painless, some painful, some harmless, and some harmful For example, the one on your knee sounds like it might be a sebaceous cyst
A hard lump on the side of your knee could mean different things.
If nothing showed in the x-ray it may be something like a sebaceous cyst. Check here.…
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