Lump under Jaw?


A lump that forms under the jaw can have several reasons for being there. One of the most common causes of a lump under the jaw is a swollen gland. This can happen if a person gets a sore throat, a cold, or a toothache. The lump under the jaw can also be caused by things such as swollen salivary glands, sebaceous cysts, and tumors due to cancer. Any lump under the jaw should be evaluated by a physician if it does not go away or grows bigger.
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I suggest you visit either a doctor or the local free clinic if you have no insurance coverage. There will be an entry in the phone book for your town or a nearby town. It may be
A lump can be the result of an injury or possibly a tumor. Only
it is probly a swollen gland but i would go to the doctor cause it could be bacteria from your mouth or your teeth going down and making it swell so i would get antibiotics for it
I suggest you see a doctor. It cold be a cyst or infection or a tumour or an enlarged lymph node. Get it checked.
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If there is a lump under your jaw bone, it could be your lymph nodes. There is a lymph node in that location. When you are fighting an infection they swell up. ...
A lump under the jaw bone can be due to enlarged lymph nodes. There are several possible causes of this including malignant cancers and bacterial infections. Another ...
There are several factors that may cause a hard lump under jaw. One is that it can be caused by a malignant cancer. Another is that it might be due to viral or ...
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