Lump under Scalp?


A lump that rises up from underneath the scalp could be caused by many different things. The causes can include a dry scalp, a bump on the head, dandruff, an abscess, or a boil. Hair styling products and shampoo can also leave a buildup on the scalp that can form lumps. If any lump appears on the scalp and the cause cannot be determined, a visit to the doctor should be arranged in order to confirm a diagnosis.
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A marble sized lump under the skin on the scalp
The armpit contains your lymph nodes. If your body is fighting bacterial or viral infections, your lymph nodes may become swollen. The most common bacterial infections that cause
It could be small cysts just under the scalp, i have 2 on my head and they are painfull when pressed or knocked.
Hello! I agree. I think that you have some abscesses forming. You most definitely need to go to the doctor. These will most likely not go away on their own and could potentially make
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