What is a Lun?


Lun or Logical Unit Number relates to the storage of a disk. The purpose of Lun is the enable the administrator to assign the Lun (logical drive) to a physical drive, the Lun takes on the characteristics of the physical drive.
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A SAN is the entire separate storage system used by an organization. It typically includes host servers, switches and disk-based storage subsystems. The computers used by organization
As I was thinking more about how to describe this, I came up with the following, and that will hopefully make it a bit more clearer (hopefully) :) LUN = logical unit number It is
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LUN is an acronym for logical unit number; a number that identifies SCSI devices; thereby, enabling the host to address and access the data on every disc drive ...
A LUN on a SAN is simply a logical entity that converts raw physical disc space into logical storage space that a host server's operating system can access and ...
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