Lung Apices?


Lung apices are defined as the apex pulmonaires. The apex pulmonaires are defined as the rounded upper part of the lungs. The apex of the lungs comes from the Latin words apex pulmonis. This particular part of the lung extends into the root of the human neck. This is known to reach between 2.5 and 4 centimeters above the level of what is known as the sternal end of the very first rib in the ribcage of the body.
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This is the TOP of the lung (part toward the head)
It is just a lobe of the lung and provides oxygen to blood and
both sides of the lungs in a specific place there is scarring. Could be from previous pneumonia or TB. Not an indicator of cancer. Could be caused by emphysema and sarcoidosis as
The apical region of the lung refers to the top lobe, or apex of the lung. The word apical is often used when describing the location of a lesion or condition, for example, "
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Apical Pleural Thickening is the thickening of pleural on the apical parts of the lungs. The apical portion of the lung is the rounded top part of the lung. Pleural ...
According to Northwestern Health Sciences University, apical pleural thickening is a condition of the lungs where the pleural membrane (the area around the lungs ...
Bilateral apical pleural thickening is the thickening of the lining at the top of the lung. Common causes are bacterial pneumonia, lupus or chemotherapy. ...
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