Lungs Hurt When I Cough?


It is not normal for the lungs to hurt when you cough and this is indicative of a disease or infection of the lungs. The lungs will hurt when you cough if you have bronchitis, pneumonia, the common cold, asthma or influenza. Only a doctor can diagnose what the cause may be so you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.
Q&A Related to "Lungs Hurt When I Cough?"
Pain in your lungs is the result of many possible causes. As a respiratory issue, pain can be an indication of a bacterial infection, such as pneumonia. The pain is also associated
It could be a number of things. Pneumonia is an infection in the lu...
you may be too tense. try and relax, even when you cough hard.
From your description, my guess is that you strained a muscle from coughing so long and hard. The chip that you choked on may have irritated your throat, and esophagus if some bits
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