What is a lupus symptoms checklist?


Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that can affect many different areas of the body. If a person suspects they may have a lupus, they can make a checklist of symptoms and consult with their doctor on it. Some symptoms of lupus can include joint pain, stiffness, butterfly shaped rash on face, chest pain, dry eyes, fatigue, fever, and skin lesions from the sun. Many people with lupus will notice their fingers turning white when they get cold.
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1. The red Lupus butterfly rash; it runs across the face touching the cheeks and nose. In the early stages it may only show on the nose or maybe on the cheek. Regular lotions are
Symptoms of lupus cerebritis may include headaches, seizures , stroke , psychosis, dementia , peripheral neuropathy , cerebellar ataxia.
Symptoms of Lupus include fatigue, fever, weight loss/gain, joint pain,
Not Medical Advice: Symptoms of Lupus can include achy joints, fever, and fatigue! See an MD for help.
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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Symptoms
Symptoms can vary and can change over time. Common symptoms include: severe fatigue, painful or swollen joints, headaches, rash on cheeks and nose called “butterfly” rash, hair loss, anemia, blood-clotting problems, raynaud’s syndrome ... More »
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