What Does Ly Stand for in a Blood Test Lab Results?


When you go get your blood drawn and get the results back, you may see something on the results that say ly. LY stands for lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell.
Q&A Related to "What Does Ly Stand for in a Blood Test Lab Results"
LY - is the lymphocyte count or percentage. 20-40% is normal.
( lĭm'yə-ləs-lī'sāt' ) n. A test for the rapid detection of meningitis that is caused by gram-negative bacteria.
ly% means the percentage of lymphocytes found in a sample of blood being tested for a CBC aka complete blood count. Lymphocytes are just one type of white blood cell. http://labtestsonline.org
In a standard blood test panel, these are the meanings of the abbreviations: BA - Basophils. EO - Eosinophils. MO - Monocytes. LY - Lymphocytes. NE - Neutrophils. BASO - A white blood
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