Lyrics to Your Nobody Called Today?


Song: "Nobody"
Artist: Sylvia

Sittin' in a restaurant,
she walked by.
I seemed to recall
that certain look in your eye.
I said, "who's that?"
You said, with a smile,
"Aah, it's nobody,
aah, nobody."

Maybe that explains the last two weeks.
You called me up, dead on your feet,
working late again.
I asked, "who with?"
You said, "Nobody,
aah, nobody."

Well, your "nobody" called today.
She hung up when I asked her name.
Well, I wonder,
does she think she's being clever?
You say nobody's after you.
The fact is, what you say is true,
but I can love you like nobody can,
even better.

Late last night, we went for a drive.
You were miles away.
I asked, "who's on your mind?"
You said, "Nobody (nobody).
Why do you ask?
Oh, her again.
I could've told you that."

We came back home,
got ready for bed.
I said to myself,
"I've got one shot left.
You're still mine, and I won't stand in line
behind nobody,

(Chorus x2)
Q&A Related to "Lyrics to Your Nobody Called Today?"
A female singer named Slyvia sings the song
I think it was Crystal Gayle (sister of Loretta Lynn) Not Crystal Gayle, the song Nobody was done by Sylvia.
Sylvia song: Nobody lyrics: Sittin' in a restaraunt and she walked by I seem to recall that certain look in your eye I said who's that you said with a smile Oh it's nobody, aww nobody
Have you ever heard the theory that it is about the crucifixion of Jesus? That's the thing about AFI, they can be interpreted in many different ways.
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