How to Clean Carpet with Lysol?


To clean and disinfect carpet with Lysol, take a plastic bottle and add Lysol solution and water to it. A small carpet sample should be used to test the solution. The stained areas should be sprayed and the carpet should be left for an hour to dry.
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1. Fill a plastic bottle with 2 parts Lysol solution and 1 part warm water. Shake the bottle a few times to mix the solution and water well. 2. Test a small area of carpet first with
My Laundry Question. I'm caring for a person with incontinence problems. If I use Lysol disinfectant, how much should I use to kill germs from urine and feces? Share a Little Background
The bottles can either be recycled or it kan be an refill body on case on secondary use.
Both clean well, but Lysol Sanitizing Wipes usually cost less
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Lysol contains a disinfectant. This disinfecting formula is spread by either spraying or wiping a surface down. When you use Lysol, it kills surface and airborne ...
Lysol is a word used to refer to a disinfectant that is made up of a mixture of cresols and soft soap which is used for cleaning purposes. These disinfectants ...
The ingredients in Lysol disinfectant spray include, Alkyl dimethyl, benzyl ammonium saccharinate, ethanol, SD alcohol, and carbon dioxide. This is for the original ...
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