What Is the length of an M16 assault rifle?


The length of a M16 Assault Riffle is 39.5 inches or 1,000 mm. If unloaded the weapon weighs 3.26 Kg or 7.16 pounds. If loaded, it can reach up to a maximum of 4 kg or 8.79 pounds. This rifle was originally designed back in 1956.
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The US Army has jurisdiction over land warfare; when the USA decides, the public will know. Currently, the century old argument(s) are still being fielded; large caliber verses small
The M-16 A2 is 39.63 inches long and 8.79 pounds with a 30-round magazine. It is
The M16 is pretty standard at 5.56mm. It's unmatched - the U.S. Marine Corps considers there to be "no finer service rifle in the world today" than the M16.
Operation: Action: Gas Operated; Semi-Full Automatic; Locking Bolt Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO Feed System: 20- or 30- round detachable magazine Length and Weights: Overall Length:
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