What Is the length of an M16 assault rifle?


The length of a M16 Assault Riffle is 39.5 inches or 1,000 mm. If unloaded the weapon weighs 3.26 Kg or 7.16 pounds. If loaded, it can reach up to a maximum of 4 kg or 8.79 pounds. This rifle was originally designed back in 1956.
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It has the potential to jam the same way any other rifle does. Poor quality magazines have been an issue, failed extraction was an issue on earlier models (largely rectified by the
M16 US military designation for the AR-15 rifle,bushmaster Adaptive...
The M16 is pretty standard at 5.56mm. It's unmatched - the U.S. Marine Corps considers there to be "no finer service rifle in the world today" than the M16.
Operation: Action: Gas Operated; Semi-Full Automatic; Locking Bolt Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO Feed System: 20- or 30- round detachable magazine Length and Weights: Overall Length:
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