What Is a M16 A4?


An M16 A4 is a type of rifle that was standard issue for the US Marines. The A4 identifies the rifle as the fourth generation of M16 weapons. The weapon is also used by select Army units.
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The M4A1 has a "full auto" option in place of the three-round
The guy that answered before me was a moron so ill give u the real details. The M16A1 was invented in 1969 for the Vietnam War to replace the M14 rifle. Since then there have been
M16A4 Assault Rifle: Overall length of 39.6 inches and has a muzzle velocity of 3,100 feet per second and effective range (against area target) of 600 meters.
The M16 was originally made by Stoner (FL) then by Armalite (IL) then by Colt (CT) and finally all M16A4s currently are being made by FN USA which I believe is in one of the Carolinas
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It was invented by the usmc in 2000 to be a replacement for the m16a2. ...
The colt M16 is the U.S military label for the AR-15 rifle. Colt bought the rights to the AR-15 from ArmaLite and presently uses that label only for semi-automatic ...
It was invented by the usmc in 2000 to be a replacement for the m16a2. ...
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