How big is an M2 flamethrower?


The M2 Flamethrower was a big backpack style flamethrower used in WW2. It weighed 43 pounds while empty and 68 pounds when filled with fuel. The product is no longer being produced. They can sometimes be found for sale by collectors.
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The United States Army Portable Flamethrower M2-2This version was the last version to be used by the US Marines in the Pacific. It consited of 3 tanks worn on a back-pack and the
Introduced in 1944 & first used in combat on Guam. The M2 Flamethrower used nitrogen as
{{why is this in the military section?}} Watch a couple of movies where Flame throwers were used for proper techniques... They were discontinued for US military use during the Vietnam
Because they took out almost all of the WaW weapons, except the MP40 and the off-the-wall weapons in the original maps.
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