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Within Macys Human Resources (HR) Department, extensive development and continuing education and training are highly encouraged for all employees. You can learn skills on the job working in the Human Resources area to learn about the tools of the HR trade, as well as how to help employees reach their full potential through career opportunities, volunteer options, and mentorships within the company. You should possess a Bachelors degree in Human Resources or a related field. A strong business acumen, good communications skills, and the ability to maintain confidentiality are important. Strong communications skills, attention to details, and proficiency in Microsoft Office are a must.
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PLEASE NOTE: If you are not an. active, former, or retired employee. (i.e. employed or once employed by Macy's or Bloomingdale's) calling this number. will not. benefit you. The number
Macy's, 20 Mall Dr E Jersey City, NJ 07310. Ph 2012555200
An HRS automates crucial human resources management functions, such as employee management, compensation and benefits, and decision support. It is made up of a set of integrated databases
1. Find an internship in an HR department. Since internships are meant specifically for people to gain experience in a field, they're the first step for many people who want to learn
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