Made in Occupied Japan Collectibles?


Made in occupied japan collectibles refers to Objects introduced into the United States during the Occupation were compulsory to be marked. They were marked in this way 'Made in Occupied Japan,' 'Occupied Japan,' 'Made in Japan,' or 'Japan. Many of the pieces that were marked 'Made in Occupied Japan' and 'Occupied Japan' are highly collectible
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1. Flip the item over. Look for a mark on the base of a tea cup or the bottom of a plate. Check both the bottom and back of a china figurine. 2. Interpret the marking. Plates marked
Hi - Items from Occupied Japan have become collectible however they are not of high value yet unless they are very unusual or rare. There are books you can buy on just Occupied Japan
Pottery like lamps and china stamped with the words "Made in Occupied Japan" were made between the end of World War II in 1945 and April 1952. During this period The United
HI Brenda Lussier, can you post a photo of your china? That would help us more accurately identify its value. Is it similar to the china in the photo that goes with the original post
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