What is Madison Pettis' family like?


Madison Pettis was born on July 22, 1998, in Arlington, Texas, to Steven and Michelle Pettis. According to IMDB, her father is African American, and her mother is of Irish, French and Italian ancestry. Madison has an older half-brother and sister from her father's first marriage. Her brother Steven Pettis Jr. served in Iraq for the United States Army.

Madison's paternal grandparents were named James Adell Pettis and Shelvy Thomas. Born on February 23, 1923, in Cuero, Texas, Madison's grandfather James Pettis worked for 30 years at the Reynolds Metal Plant in Ingleside, Texas. Known as the "Domino King," James was proceeded in death by his wife Shelvy, with whom he had 12 children, three daughters and nine sons, one of whom was Madison's father Steven.

On her mother's side, Madison is the granddaughter of Frederick P. Dallava and Kathleen J. Gogan. Her great grandfather, Joseph Paul Dallava, was of Italian decent, while his wife Georgette likely had French ancestry. Madison's grandmother, Kathleen Gogan, is the daughter of John Emmet Gogan and Margaret E. Hunt. It is from this lineage that Madison gets her Irish ancestry.

Madison's parents have always been very supportive of their daughters acting aspirations. Her parents moved with her to Los Angeles so she could pursue acting.

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