Magic Crystal Ball?


A magic crystal ball is used to help fortune tellers see into the future. They are usually made of polished glass and are placed on a support stand to prevent them from rolling away. By looking into the crystal ball, a clairvoyant is able to see many future events related to the person seeking to look into their future. Due to their curvature, crystal balls can cause burns or fires if used in direct sunlight.
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, magic! Text W for your local weather
There is really no way to make a crystal ball work. It has no power. You'd be the one with the "power" or ability to look into the future. It's merely used as a prop to
Here's the thing: They don't work
1. Find or purchase a crystal ball in an occult store or online. It isn't important if it's real quartz or glass. Either works. 2. Clean the crystal ball with a soft cloth. Place
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