Magical Fairy Dust?


Magical fairy dust is a fine powder said to come from fairies. It is usually sold in magic shops but can be found in toy stores in the form of glitter powder. It is used to promote prosperity as well as make things more physically appealing. It can be sprinkled over objects or a person directly to make them shimmer and shine. Another popular use it to draw letters with glue and then sprinkle it over top to create unique designs and patterns.
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i told my children that the tooth fairies gind up their teeth that they leave under their pillows ,to make fairy dust,but they add some moon rays to make it sparkle. so i guess your
Have them play with the fairy toy box. Every now and then, it will produce fairy dust in a little bag.
1. Insert the end of a small funnel into the top of the bottle. Pour the glitter through the funnel into the bottle. You can fill the bottle with as much or as little glitter as desired
1. Take your sugar/salt, and put it on a piece of paper. Ad. 2. Fold the paper in half. 3. Take your rolling pin and grind up the sugar/salt. It should look like powdered sugar. 4
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