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Magnifying glasses are used by people who have poor eyesight. The magnifying glass is held in the person's hand and is held just above the object they wish to see. A person will often use a magnifying glass when they are reading a book or the daily newspaper. Magnifying glasses can also be used to look at insects up close. Reading glasses are also useful for this purpose and provide the same type of effect.
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magnifying glass
a lens that produces an enlarged image of an object.
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No one knows who invented the magnifying glass. People have been using magnifying glasses or things that are similar since records have been recorded.
Magnifying glasses are often used to help people with vision problems. Eyeglasses are a form of magnifying glasses, which correct problems ranging from near-sightedness and far-sightedness
1. Put the thing you wish to read or examine on a steady, flat surface, such as a table. 2. Pull up a chair if you are at a table. 3. Put the magnifying glass in between your face
the magnifying glass has a convex lens and it curves to magnify objects.
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The name of the person who invented the magnifying glass was Roger Bacon. Roger Bacon was a Franciscan friar and English philosopher. ...
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