What are magnolia seed pods?


Magnolia seed pods are the very big centers of a magnolia blossom. These resemble a pine cone and have seeds inside and around them. Magnolia trees are majestic, stately trees.
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1. Prepare to pick the pods in the fall months, when you see the oval-shaped seed pods develop on the magnolia tree where the flowers were previously located. Pick the pods off by
The seeds will require a cold period in order to
They might look like mere bumps - weird growths that may cause a novice to think that a star magnolia tree has a problem - but they're actually star magnolia seed pods. In the picture
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How to Dry Magnolia Seed Pods
Magnolia trees grow in the southern portions of the United States and have large, white, fragrant flower blossoms in the summer months. Once the flowers fade in the late summer, they are replaced by large seed pods that contain a multitude of bright-red... More »
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