What is mailer-daemon@yahoo.com?


MAILER-DAEMON @ yahoo.com is a message you receive if your email did not send. The message is bounced back to you normally due to an invalid email address. You should double check your send to email address for a typo.
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Your contacts list may have been compromised.The best thing to do, Tell your friends not to click on any links in those email,as. they will have virus/or worms attached. You and your
MAILER-DAEMON@yahoo.com is an automated system which sends your e-mail to the web address you have typed out. If there is no such address, it cannot send it to there, so after repeating
yeah but if you havent sent any emails and your mail box get flooded with these mailer-daemon messages daily (approx 50+) andwhat do you do then?
mailer-daemon is a generic return stating that your email cannot be sent due to an issue. Either the email address is incorrect, the receiving email server is down or the sending
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A mailer daemon is software function in a mail server that delivers messages to recipients. When someone gets a message from the mailer daemon in their inbox, ...
If you receive a mailer daemon message and you did not send anything, it may be because your computer has a virus that keeps sending out emails on your behalf. ...
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