Main Branches of Philosophy?


There are five branches of philosophy. They are: Axiology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Epistemology, and Ontology or Metaphysics. Each of these branches address fundamental questions on human existence.
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Philosophy can be divided into five main branches, each with their own area of study and primary question to address. The branches are metaphysics, the study of existence which asks
The. four main branches of philosophy. are logic, epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics. Logic. is the attempt to codify the rules of rational thought. Logicians explore the structure
Microeconomics focuses on the economic behaviors of individuals in many aspects, including decision making, production distribution, and market results. Microeconomics, as the name
psychoanalysis, behaviorism, humanism and existentialism, and even though you want three there's also cognitivism.
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There are five branches of Philosophy. These are metaphysics, the study of existence. Epistemology, the study of knowledge. Ethics, politics, and esthetics. ...
With no logic there is no philosophy. ...
With no logic there is no philosophy. ...
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