Main Causes of Illiteracy?


There are several different causes as to why illiteracy is such a problem in certain countries. The main causes of illiteracy include living in an area of poverty, living with a family of people who are illiterate, and learning disabilities. Access to proper schooling is not available in all areas of the world, so even those who wish to learn, can't. Those with learning disabilities that go unnoticed, such as dyslexia will also have problems with learning how to read.
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The under developed countries are mostly in the shackles of illiteracy. There are many causes of illiteracy. Some of the major causes are: Economic condition of the people. Poverty
Moral illiteracy can be attributed to the
The cause of the Vietnam War was that the President Harry S. Truman said that the U.S.A. would help other countries threatened by a communist takeover.
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There are many causes of illiteracy. The three main causes may be social problems, family problems, and motivational problems. The effect of illiteracy is a hindrance ...
Illiteracy is not caused by a lack of intelligence. It is often a result of outside factors such as poverty or lack of literacy in the family. Many so called learning ...
It is important to know that illiteracy doesn't mean un-intelligent. Most people who are illiterate were not exposed to literature or taught to read at an early ...
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