Mainstays Furniture Assembly Instructions?


You should be able to find assembly instructions for each piece of Mainstays furniture inside the box each set comes in. If you can't find the instructions, contact the store you purchased it at. They should be able to get the instructions for you.
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In need assembly instruction for Mainstays Vineyard Gazebo with Glass Shelf. Recently brought from Wal-Mart but did not have instructions.
1. Unwrap every part, component, tool and hardware item. Set everything out neatly in front of you. Check the quantities of each item with the key on the cover or first page of the
try her web page.
If you know the manufacturer (and hopefully model name/number) of the item, you can try Googling it. Sometimes people will post copies of an item's instruction manual online; with
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To put together a Daybed, all you need is to have the furniture piece assembled properly. Just follow the instruction manual and if you can't have it done properly ...
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