Major Causes of Road Accidents?


The major causes of road accidents are almost always driver related. What this means is that drivers fail to follow state driving regulations, fail to pay attention while driving (i.e. texting, talking on phone, changing the radio), or drivers are intoxicated. Seldom are accidents related to vehicle malfunction.
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Several things cause accidents on the road. These are in no particular order: Too much speed, inattention, fatigue/dozing, alcohol/drugs, telephones and other distractions, lack of
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There are several causes of different kinds of accidents. For instance, some of the major causes of road accidents are: equipment failure, roadway design, poor ...
The causes of road accidents can include many driver distractions. Some causes of road accidents are things like drivers talking on a cell phone, texting on a ...
Distraction is a leading cause of auto accidents such as: eating, drinking, talking on the phone and sending text messages. Passengers can also distract a driver ...
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