Major Landforms of Italy?


Italy's major landforms include the Alps and the Apennines mountain ranges, the Po-Venetian plain, both sandy and rocky coastlines, and the island of Sicily has Italy's major active volcano, Etna.
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mostly made of mountains
A few major landforms include the Alps and the Mediterranean
Actually Po river is longer than Tiber, ans so Adige; but you should definitely mention Pianura Padana where Po river flows and main cities (Milan, Turin, Bologna, etc) and industries
The major cities in Italy are Milan, Naples, Turin, Palerme, Genes, and Rome. They have 147 major cities. Rome is the capital and also the largest city in Italy. For more information
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Some of Italy's major land forms are the peninsula of Italy it self. Beyond that, major lakes such as Lake Como and Lake Garda make up more familiar landforms ...
Landforms are found all over the Earth. The seven major landforms are; plains, valleys, mountains, plateaus, hills, glaciers and loess. ...
Major landforms are the major features that make up the earth's surface such as mountains, plains, oceans, Plateaus and hills. Most major landforms take up a huge ...
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