Major Organ of the Muscular System?


The major organs of the muscular system are the muscles. Muscle cells contain proteins that slide past one another, producing a contraction that changes the length and the shape. Muscles are primarily what give us the strength and ability to move and lift things.
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Estrogen is secreted by the ovaries and stimulates the growth of smooth muscle lining the reproductive tract, whereas testosterone, secreted primarily by the testes, promotes skeletal-muscle
The Heart, the tongue, biceps, triceps, gluteous maximus and the bones deltoids. Read more:
The muscles we have in our body are divided into three
Organs that show movement have some kind of muscles. Eyes have muscles to move the eye ball. Alimentary canal has involuntary muscles to cause peristalsis. Limbs have striped muscles
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Muscles aid in movement, stability, posture, circulation, digestion and breathing; they also assist in the production of heat. Forty percent of the human body ...
There are various functions of the muscular system and some of these are: creation of movement, protection of organs and pumping of blood, and easing of blood ...
The major parts of the muscular system are broken down into three separate sections. These three sections include skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, and the cardiac ...
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