Major Parts of the Muscular System?


The major parts of the muscular system are broken down into three separate sections. These three sections include skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, and the cardiac muscles. Each of these parts of the muscular system are essential for proper functioning of the human body.
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the heart
Estrogen is secreted by the ovaries and stimulates the growth of smooth muscle lining the reproductive tract, whereas testosterone, secreted primarily by the testes, promotes skeletal-muscle
Axial skeletal muscles, frontalis, temporalis, orbicularis oculi,
The muscles in a body fall into three main categories: skeletal, smooth and cardiac. Flexing and contraction of our muscles makes up all our movements.
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What Are the Major Parts of the Muscular System?
The muscular system in the body is like the basis for a working machine. Every lever and pulley of a machine runs by machinery and the body is just as dependent on the muscular system. Walking, moving, sitting, running, even blinking, swallowing and... More »
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