Make a Fitted Hat Smaller?


You can easily make a fitted hat smaller with a small amount of water. Use a sponge to gently rub the inside rim until it's slightly moist. Put the hat on and wear it out into direct sunlight until it's dried.
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1. Dip a sponge into water until it's wet but not fully saturated. 2. Rub the sponge gently along the inside rim of the hat. 3. Wear the hat under direct sunlight until the inside
Wet it a little bit around the inside edge and then let it sit in the sun it
I have a fedora that has a little flap around the inside where it touches my head and to i lifted up the flap and put some of that super thick double sided tape under it and the put
they measure the head of the consumer. pretty sure it is around the forehead and how 'thick' you're head is, depends what kind of hat you are getting. : get a top hat.
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Sometimes a fitted hat is not really the right size. One may be able to shrink a hat by putting it in hot water or drying it in a hot dryer. This can shrink the ...
I know of a couple different ways to shrink a fitted baseball hat. Both ways begin with getting the hat (except for the bill part) wet. Then you can either use ...
To make your forward have a smaller look, use bangs and always wear your hair down; you can use side swipe bangs to cover your forehead; wear hats and beanies; ...
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