Make a Gourd Rattle?


To make a gourd rattle, you will first need to clean the gourd with a mild dish soap and hot water. Once you have washed the gourd, dip it in a mild bleach solution to remove any residual mold spores and then leave to air dry. Once it is dry, cut a hole in the bottom of the gord, fill with hot water and allow to soak for about half an hour. Then drain the water, and dig out the seeds and pith.When the inside of your gourd is clean and dry coat the inside with varnish and allow it to dry completely. Then fill your gourd with something to make noise, such as rice, seeds, or small pebbles. Use a cork to plug the hole in the gourd and paint or varnish the outside as desired.
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Cut the gourd from the vine when the shell has hardened. This is generally around the time of the first frost. The rind of the gourd will be hard when it is ripe. Do not let it freeze
They are a total pain in the butt! Did it 3 yrs ago with a gooseneck gourd and an apple gourd. We hung ours in an unused closet so no one would disturb them. Check atleast weekly.
Non-serrated butter knife gently scratch the surface of the gourd
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