How to Make a Maglite Gun Suppressor?


A suppressor is an attached device on the barrel of an air compressed weapon or a gun powder weapon to the produced muzzle flash and noise. To make a Maglite gun suppressor, cut an X in the middle of a plastic film, remove batteries from the Maglite flashlight, remove the bulb, make a hole in the side of a the flash lite, roll toilet paper around the tube, apply bonding glue to the rim and flashlight and push the pellet gun barrel in the X shaped film.
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1. Put a sheet of newspaper on a table. Put a 35 mm plastic film can lid face down on the newspaper. Cut an “X” in the center of the lid with a utility knife. 2. Unscrew
While not designed to make a gun louder, a muzzle brake usually has that effect.
A spud gun suppressor would basically be a silencer, it reduces the sound that
No, not steel wool. Some silencers will use a metal mesh that is heavier than steel wool though. But mesh suppresses poorly. The best suppressors use metal baffles in the shape of
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