Make a Heart Using Keyboard Symbols?


There are several ways to make those cute, little hearts that pop up on social network feeds. To make one using computer keyboard symbols, simply insert a less-than sign followed by a number three, like so '<3'. Depending on the platform, this combination may convert into a solid black heart upon posting. Additionally, if your keyboard includes a number pad, you may be able to press the Alt button along with the number pad 3 to make a heart. When all else fails, look for heart symbols in the character map that you can copy and paste.
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Using your keyboard to make symbols is quite fun. Western based computer systems use ASCII as their language. If you want to find the hidden symbols under the Keyboard keys you must
1. Click on the Windows "Start" button. 2. Type "Character Map" into the blank field at the bottom of the "Start" menu. 3. Click on "Character Map
How do I make a heart symbol with my keyboard, you ask? Although the written word has always been a way to express our emotions and moods, these days technology makes it possible
Hold down the Alt button on either side of the keyboard and while doing that, press the 3 on the Number Pad, which should be on the right of your keyboard. It should look like: &
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Making a heart symbol with your keyboard can be done easily enough. All you need to do is push the < and the 3. Put the two together like this <3 and your ...
1. Hold down the “Alt” and “3” keys simultaneously. A heart symbol will appear. 2. Enter “♥” (without quotation marks) ...
1. Place your cursor in the text field where you want to insert the heart symbol by clicking anywhere in the field. 2. Press the "Shift" and "< ...
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