How to Turn a Sweatshirt into a Jacket?


You can turn a sweatshirt into a jacket by cutting the sweatshirt down the middle. Next, you need to sew in buttons. You can also sew in a zipper. It depends largely on your preferences.
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1. Cut the sweatshirt open in the center front. Cut the cuffs and neckband off of the sweatshirt carefully and evenly. You can cut just above the cuffs for a full-length sleeve, or
A sweatshirt is made of cotton.
The key difference between a jacket and a sweatshirt is that a jacket
Making a jacket out of a sweat shirt is a practical and creative move. This is to offer a second chance for your sweatshirts to be something else that would make them more wearable
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How do I Make a Sweatshirt Jacket?
Express yourself by converting an ordinary sweatshirt into a jacket. You can embellish the jacket with appliques, ribbon or fabric, and either tailor the jacket to closely fit your body or leave it loose. There are no strict rules when making a... More »
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