How to Create Ringtones with Voice Memos for My iPhone?


There are several steps that must be followed to make a ringtone with your voice memo for an iPhone. After you have created the voice memo, transfer it to your computer. Right click on the icon and select properties. Change the file extension from 'M4B' to 'M4R.' Then, drag the file into the ringtones folder. Transfer the file to your iPhone, and then you can select this file as your ringtone.
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1. Tap the voice memo application from your iPhone home screen. Record your memo, and save it. 2. Connect your iPhone to your computer via its USB cable. Open iTunes if it doesn't
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Launch your computer's media player, and navigate to
Its nothing wrong with the voice recording, or your phone, voice recordings are simply not allowed to be set as a ringtone, i have the same phone and it took me many calls and headaches
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