Make an Origami Dog?


Origami is a Japanese art that involves paper folding. In order to make an Origami dog you will need a square of Origami paper. The paper should be six inches square. Paper comes in many colors so you can make your dog any color that you want.
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1. Fold one of the sheets of paper in half to form a triangle. Place the triangle in front of you so that its longest edge is furthest away from you. This will be the dog's head.
1 Take a square piece of paper, and place it wrong side up (if not plain paper), in the shape of a diamond. Ad 2 Fold the left corner of the paper to the right corner. Crease, then
One of the most intriguing origami designs is the origami dragon. Throughout the ages, dragons have lived in books, magazines, movies and imaginations. Now, with the help of origami
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How to Make an Origami Dog
Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. You can fold paper to produce plants, animals, people--virtually anything. As with any art, origami projects can be elaborate or simple. If you're interested in origami but are intimidated by its seeming... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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