Make AOL My Home Page?


Learning how to make AOL your home page is easy. Go to AOL's homepage. At the top of the page, there is a blue button that says make this your homepage. Click this button and AOL will be your new homepage.
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1. Visit the AOL website by going to 2. Click on the link that is located at the top left-hand corner of the page, "Make AOL Your Homepage. 3. Select the option to &
Click View > place curser over Toolbars > uncheck the item you don't want.
Go to Start, control panel, internet options, Type the home page you desire. click ok. maybe this will help.
1. Click "Page Info" to create a. unique name. and description for your page. 2. Click "Style Your Page" to change the colors and choose design themes. 3. Click
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You can make AOL your homepage by accessing the AOL website. At the AOL website there is a link on top of the search bar that says 'Make AOL your homepage'. After ...
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