Make Barefoot Sandals?


To make barefoot sandals, place a toe ring on the long toe. Next, place an ankle bracelet around the ankle of the same foot. Stretch material or beaded twine from the ankle bracelet to the toe ring.
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1. Put the toe ring on your long toe, which is the one right beside your big toe. 2. Fasten the ankle bracelet around your ankle. 3. Stretch out your cloth, lace or twine between
Soleless sandals are fun. I have some that were given to me, but I've never tried to make them. There are some patterns available on line, though, which might help you. Source(s)
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How to Make Barefoot Sandals
Barefoot sandals are popular to wear at beach weddings and other formal, outdoor occasions. They're also worn by hippies and naturalists who enjoy going barefoot and want to circumvent the "no shoes, no service" rules of many commercial establishments.... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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