Make Bing My Homepage?


To set Bing as your homepage on Google Chrome, simply go to the 'customize and control Google Chrome' tab on the browser and click on Settings. Then go to the Show Home Button selection and click on 'Change'. One the 'Home Page' window simply type '' then click OK.
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You would have to go in your browser settings and then edit the home page url.
Todd Bishop wrote up a good summary of the work the homepage team does last year: Embed
Just select another home page. If you're using internet explorer go to start <> control panel <> internet options when internet options open back out the home page that's
Go to bing & on the left side of page it should show make bing my home page, it's very easy & you can make a shortcut on the desktop of bing, just right click on the name
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Some of the most popular homepages include; Facebook, Google, yahoo, MSN, YouTube, twitter, eBay, Wal-Mart, Bing, Weather and Amazon. For a home page to be popular ...
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