Make Deer Feed?


There are several different ways to make deer feed. It will depend on the type of deer feed that will be made as to how to make it. There are some foods that are instant deer feed, such as deer corn. Another way is to add the corn to acorns, sheep pellets, and apples. Combine this mixture with peanut butter and honey and create a shape, such as a block. This block can be refrigerated or frozen until ready to use. Deer feed that contains sweets like the honey and peanut butter should not be fed to deer every day.
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1. Make sure it is legal to feed wild animals in your jurisdiction. Feeding wildlife can be regulated by local laws and wildlife commissions. Ad. 2. Find a location where deer will
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Deer feed mostly during early morning & late afternoon but can be f...
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Ways to Make Your Own Deer Feed
In deer country, it's common to see large numbers of does and bucks browsing in fields at dusk or during early morning hours. Deer are wild animals, always on the lookout for predators and danger. Providing a ready-supply of food can cause them to lose... More »
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