How to Keep Feet Soft?


To make your feet soft you really need to give your feet special treatment. You should soak them, and apply skin moisturizer lightly on the complete foot. Massage the bottoms of your feet. Make sure you always wear proper footwear and do not walk barefoot.
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Use a foot file regularly for soft feet. I think the best kind for really problem calloused and dry feet is the metal kind. Those work best on feet that are not wet, so use it before
1 Make sure feet are clean. Wash them with an exfoliator. It not only makes your feet clean, but moisturizes your feet and gets rid of dead skin too. Ad 2 Make sure your toenails
Ok, first buy a pumice stone or something like a PEG EGG.even a foot file. Start filing rough spots on your feet. You want to make a smooth surface. Then, take a foot lotion and slather
Calluses are the way the skin protects itself from chronic friction, so the first thing to do is decrease that friction. For example, if a person lifts weights at the gym, calluses
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To make your feet soft all over, you can try soaking them in epsom salt. Once that's done, let them air dry, and generously apply vaseline. Put socks on to keep ...
It can be embarrassing to have cracked dry heels when wearing sandals or flip flops in the summer. There are a few home remedies for softer feet that one can try ...
Use a pumice stone on your feet after the shower when the skin is softer. Do any calluses and your heels. Apply a good lotion made for dry skin. ...
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