How do you make jeans tighter?


Laundry Reviewed says that high temperatures cause denim to shrink. Washing jeans in hot water or putting them in the dryer on high temperature, will make them tighter.

Be cautious when attempting to shrink jeans, as making denim tighter often damages the material. Consider keeping the denim safe by washing it in vinegar and letting it dry outside. Raw denim naturally shrinks to fit the body after the garment has been worn and washed a few times, high temperatures or not. Consider the long-term life of the jeans before throwing them into hot water or into the dryer for an hour or two.

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1. Set the washing machine to the hot water setting. Wash the jeans on a long wash cycle on hot. When the cycle is completed, dry the jeans with the longest, hottest drying cycle.
1. Wash your jeans in hot water. For this method, make sure that your jeans are not preshrunk. (If they are, there will be a barely noticeable difference at the end of all your efforts
put them on then sit in the bath. let them dry on you and they will shrink to the size of your body. awkward and cold, but super-tight jeans!
turn the jeans inside out, put them on and use pins to mark out the area you need tighter by putting a line of them along your leg to how tight you want it but leave a little bit
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How to Make Jeans Tighter
Tight jeans are flattering to many body types. And when jeans are too big, they can be shrunk to make them tighter for a better fit. Making jeans tighter can be done either with a sewing machine or with a washing machine and dryer. To change the size... More »
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