How do I make Mozilla Firefox my homepage?


To make Mozilla Firefox your homepage, you can begin by making this browser your default browser. Then, open the Mozilla Firefox page that you would like to set as your homepage. Click the icon that appears to the left of the web address and simply drag it to your home button.
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1. Click on the "Firefox" button at the top of the browser, or click the "Tools" button. 2. Open the "Options" screen, then click on the "General&
In Firefox, navigate to Google (or any other page you want to set as your homepage). Then choose Tools > Options. You'll get a dialog box that pops up - select 'Use Current' for
To make your own homepage, you need to create a website and find a hosting company. To make it easy, the folks at Webs allow you to do most of it on their site for free. For more
Click things in this order: go to the club penguin page that you want to be your home page. click edit (toolbar on top) at the bottom of the menu hit preferences. click on the first
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Setting your homepage is a great way to keep up with your favorite site. If you want to set a homepage in Firefox, you should go to the tools tab or button. Next ...
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