How Can I Make My Computer Talk?


How you can make your computer talk depends on the type of computer. When on a Windows computer individuals must access the API feature. There is a specific format message that must be written into the Notepad and submitted. Then, individuals will be able to type exactly what they want the computer to say in a word document.
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1. Click the "Start" button. 2. Type "Narrator" into the "Start Search" box. The "Narrator" icon will appear in the menu.
You can use the sound recorder on your computer to record your voice saying something short. It is located at Start, All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, Sound Recorder. You
Adjust the screen settings to the maximum brightness. Do this by pushing the "Menu" or "Monitor Settings" button on the front of your Dell monitor. Use the control
Close out other programs. If you are running an older computer, you do not have a large amount of RAM installed. The RAM is the real time memory installed on the system, and if you
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How to Make Your Computer Talk
There are a few reasons why you may want to make your computer talk. A talking computer can be beneficial for you if you are visually impaired. A talking computer can also be useful if you have written a speech, article or essay and you want to hear how... More »
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