How to Force Myself to Throw up?


You can force yourself to throw up by sticking your finger down your throat and gagging yourself. This stimulates the gag reflex. Also, drinking syrup of ipecac will make a person throw up and this is used when someone ingests poison.
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A quick and easy way to induce vomiting is to simply stick your finger down your throat until you gag enough to throw up. You can do that or go find someone with the stomach flu.
I'm sorry, but WikiAnswers is a place to help educate others and to spread knowledge. Encouraging or promoting ways to kake onselef throw up (a sign of the dangerous and potentially
you'll feel even worse once you start throwing up and possibly going into bulimia, work it off or just lay off the junk foods for a while, also drink water.
If you can throw yourself at the ground and miss, you should
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